SXSW Success Guide

Heading to Austin for SXSW Interactive? Here's our short list of survival tips, events, restaurants, and where you can connect with WEBB at SX, March 10th-16th. Click the red links for more information:

Top-Billed Topics

Friday: The Risks of the Quantified Mind 12:30-1:30PM

Saturday: Listen to Your Customer 11AM-12PM

Sunday: Brand Building Through Live Video 11AM-12PM

Monday: Is Anyone Paying Attention to Your Content? 3:30-4:30PM

Tuesday: The Last Frontier: $73 Billion Land Grab 12:30-1:30PM

Wednesday: The Future of Creativity is Artificial 2-3PM

Tulsa Does SXSW

Eleven Tulsa bands are set to perform, with Hanson MMMbop-ping into the night. Connect with Tulsa startups, arts, and tourism officials at the trade show and around town. Brought to you by the Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts, and Culture.

1st-Ever Tulsa Music Official SXSW Showcase - Thursday, March 16th 8PM-Friday 2AM

3rd-Annual Tulsa Boom Factory Official SXSW Music Party - Thursday, March 16th 11AM-5PM

Created In Tulsa Booth at the Trade Show - Sunday-Tuesday, 10AM-6PM & Wednesday, 10AM-2PM


SX Survival 101

Many pairs of comfortable shoes - You will stand and walk more than you expect, and even when your feet are begging for a break, you'll want to keep going. So you will. Foot comfort is crucial. Positive Note: You'll get plenty of exercise! Special Note: Uber and Lyft services are not allowed in Austin. 

Dress for any and all types of weather - If there is ever a trip to overpack for, SX is it. We come from Oklahoma, where weather changes seasons in the course of a day. If your climate is more stable, Austin in March can be a shock. Overcast to sunburn. Sprinkles to sleet. It could happen. All of it. 

Plan ahead for power - You will see unfortunate souls begging for a power supply as early as 9AM. Yes, there are charging stations and power outlets galore, but they will all be loaded up a majority of prime time. Stay ahead by brining backup batteries, charging cases, etc. We recommend an old-fashioned power strip. You will be a hero to many new friends.

Speaking of backups - If you are serious about getting the most from your experience, schedule yourself to beyond ridiculous and impractical. Have a backup-backup plan for your time, plans A, B, C, and D. Popular sessions will get full, and will be cut off. Be familiar with the locations and other options nearby. Then you will never be at a loss for where you can go next. Then...

Go early to sessions you don't want to miss - Like twenty-minutes early. It will be worth the wait.

Use SXSW planning tools - Set up your SX-Social profile and work over the schedule, favoriting all your plans and back up plans. Be sure to upload a professional profile photo, primarily so your badge looks its best. 

Save the dining budget - There are non-stop complimentary food and drink options for any appetite or taste. Check out both official and unofficial (Unofficial SXSW Guide, Gary's Guide) events to fit your schedule and style. Or...

Best of Austin Eats

SX is smack in the middle of some of the best restaurants Austin has to offer. Whatever the budget, or time of day:

Easy Tiger - Bake Shop and Beer Garden? 7AM-2AM? Yes, please!

Gus's Fried Chicken - World Famous, hot and spicy, simple and spectacular.

Max's Wine Dive - Excellent service and creative dishes and pairings make this not all about the wine.

Chez Nous - Quaint and casual French wine and dining, celebrating thirty-five years.

Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill - Glorious gourmet comfort food and cocktails.

Jeffrey's - Got a big client? Or a corporate card? The martini and cheese carts are experiences all their own. Jeffrey's is so impressive they make mashed potatoes people crave. Try out the bar menu for a lighter tab, especially on Monday, when it's happy hour all night. 

The Driskill Bar - The bar of this historic hotel is always packed, and you may feel the need to attempt a business deal just to fit in.

Franklin BBQ - Listed last only due to degree of difficulty. It is worth the (up to five-hour) wait, but who has time for that? Our advice: pre-order a minimum of five-pounds of deliciousness and host a party that will make you a bunch of new friends!