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Home-Based Business DIY Marketing Meet Up

Small businesses have a struggle to keep ahead of the gargantuan amount and unending supply of new marketing technology and practices. Even if you have a system to keep yourself updated on the latest news, how often do you make effective application of these opportunities? 

We benefit greatly when we compare notes and learn from one another. What really works for a small startup? What can you live without? This meet up will bring together a great group of home-based business professionals to share experiences and best bets for marketing success. 

Some of the questions we will answer:

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question #1

What are currently the most-influential online places to establish my home-based business, and build engagement with the right potential customers?

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question #2

How can I build awareness and interest for my new business, and differentiate it from the competition, as quickly and cheaply as possible?

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question #3

How can I effectively manage my limited available time to create and distribute compelling content, and interact with my audience in a timely fashion?

What questions do you need answered? 

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